Electronic Cigarettes and Harm Reduction

For far too long, nicotine addicts have been exposed to the toxic chemicals in tobacco. Moreover, for equally long, many products have failed to offer the solution in tobacco harm reduction. Now electronic cigarettes seem to carry that hope of satisfying the nicotine addiction without the harm of toxicants.

smoke-screenFor smokers who are not willing to quit smoking just yet, e-cigarettes are nonetheless the healthiest alternatives to mitigate the harm caused by tobacco smoking. While tobacco cigarettes give nicotine plus thousands of other poisonous substances like carcinogen and tar, e-cigars are quite safe and only deliver the right amount of nicotine that one requires without exposure to any known poisonous chemicals. In fact, the nicotine that is used in e-cigars is naturally extra through carefully monitored processes to rid it of any toxins.

It is widely agreed that nicotine in itself is not all that harmful to users’ health. In fact, scientists have compared the effective of nicotine in the body to that of caffeine. It therefore means that getting a safer nicotine delivery method to addicts is a sure fire way to achieve tobacco harm reduction. This is the concept that manufacturers of e-cigarettes always attempt to put forward.

One may argue that there have been other ‘safer’ nicotine delivery strategies in the market before. Of course, things like gum and nicotine skin patches come to mind when debate comes up about alternatives to tobacco cigarette.  Now, these products and countless others have failed to help people out of nicotine addiction or serve as harm reduction methods because of their model and way of use.

Fact, tobacco smoking has both physiological and psychological effects in users. Fact, if any of these are not satisfied in stop-smoking strategy, the method is bound to fail miserably. Fact, gum and patches have failed and are viewed by some as tobacco harm reduction frauds.

Now, e-cigars have the potential to give hope and a few more years to hardcore smokers, more than anything that has been tried before. Well, since e-cigar is held between the fingers just the same way as real cigars, it satisfies the psychological aspect of smoking and it delivers nicotine the same way as tobacco cigarette.

That nicotine is addictive is a known fact and the nicotine in this case causes rapid intoxication  as one gets the excitement of smoking way too fast compared to the rolled cigarettes. This means that the rate of addiction is also higher than that of the regular cigarettes. The addiction may cause economical issues as well as those of health especially to pregnant mothers.

Nicotine has also been known to cause poisoning especially if taken in large quantities. This poisoning is not hard to attain as one can take too much of it influenced by addiction. The nicotine can also cause blood pressure among other complication associated with blood sugar levels,

We can conclude that using the device is safe; there are no researches on the same that have been brought forward to indicate any negative effects.

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